La Brasserie

Brasserie Amarcord is an immersive experience, in a poetic and Federico Fellini-like setting that recalls art and the wild, the places where Birra Amarcord comes to life.
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The art of beer at the table
Brasserie Amarcord is the new format designed to convey the pleasure of experiencing the art of beer at the table and comes from the world of Birra Amarcord.

A place where you can meet people and share live moments in freedom, enjoying traditional Italian dishes but also some international classics, interpreted by choosing top quality raw materials from the surrounding area.

The art of pizza: one of the highlights of the menu is precisely the pizza, made with great skill, care and heart.

Birra Amarcord is the star of the drinking menu. The beer is tapped directly from the brewery’s maturation Tank and poured into your glass the same day, without ever interrupting the cold chain and without ever adding CO2.

Fresh as only the master brewer tastes it.